Zizo Ion Series for iPhone 8

Though Apple is the jack of all trades, it failed to offer enough to its customers from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 as the monotonous design was something put on display for around 2 years in a row. With every iteration, Apple had to offer a bit of the change to the internal components of the screen but turned dismal to those who actually get on the edge of their seats expecting each and every release of Apple would be a game-changer in some capacity.

As mentioned above the screen seems to be on the replication every year but the back of iPhone 8 achieved landmarks with glass on offer other than the Aluminum. The glass back means ultra-protection and in case of any negligence huge money in name of repairing cost.

So, to better avoid that, one should have a protective case up on your phone; the review below might help you get one.


Is it your cup of tea?
If you’re eyeing to have a case in competitive price and that too stepping-back in the protective functions it has to offer, your find has finally met the ends. This Zizo Ion case is good enough to be reviewed and the sole reason behind it is the price tag and 3-piece formulation case that gives you ultimate protection from the dings, drops and scratches.

The minimalist design gives you enough confidence and space to flaunt your phone as even with 3-pieces intact on your phone; this clear case doesn’t hindrances you from showing off the iconic Apple logo on the back.

The flexible TPU material is sandwiched between the hard polycarbonate plates from the top and bottom and that makes it shock-absorbent and scratch resistant as well.


As this case comes at nominal price it may tend you to think that it will put some extra weight on your phone or may make it look outdated. But that’s not the case as apart from assuring the protection, the makers of this case very much understand the customer’s demand to flaunt the iconic logo on the back and of course the hues of your glitzy phone as well.

Zizo offers transparent or better to call it clear case and that’s quite catchy for the iPhone-enthusiast as the premium protection most of the time cost them their style.


Made up of the high-quality material this case is not going to wear and tear any sooner, so you can go carefree for around a year or so.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Rose Gold/Clear

What it is made up of?
TPU, Polycarbonate

Value for Money (VFM)
Compact protection just falling under the $17 tag is good enough to grab your attention in the first place. It doesn’t even lag off when it comes to the high-end protection for your phone. Not to forget, it pampers you with the military grade protection.