Tylt Energi for iPhone 7

We all remember the time when sliding phones and gadgets were the in thing. Well, many have not gotten over the trend and Tylt Energi improvised it in a phone case.

The hype around iPhones is massive and no matter what model you own, you never tend to forget the experience. This review is for the people who still own and enjoy the iPhone 7 and wish to extend the experience by protecting them the best they can. With new iPhone models launching every year, iPhone 7 is certainly not the thing of the past. This case is here to enhance your experience.

Why should I purchase this case?

You cannot last the whole day without recharging your iPhone. Instead of carrying on heaps of power banks or power outlets for your charger, why not have the power bank incorporated in your case.

This is where the Tylt Energy case for iPhone 7 makes a grand entrance. It charges your phone when it runs out of it. Moreover, it conserves energy when your phone is fully charged, saving for future use. Not only does it provide juice for your phone, but it also shields it from damage too.

It is a battery sleeve, doing an instant makeover to your iPhone 7. Just slide it off, when you feel it doesn’t need the enhancement. Its portable design slides on to fulfill your needs.

Case Facts

It serves protection from scratches and shatters of the screen from its raised bezel. The raised edges do not let the screen touch the surface when it is placed face down.

Alternate Power Outlet

It serves a 120% maximization of battery power. You will no longer be on the power outlet hunt ever again. Gone are the days of power banks, and their extra baggage as your battery will last for a longer period.

Intricate Design

The intelligent design of the Tylt Energi stands out on its own. Giving you power over the functionality of the case. It has an inner layer that provides protection round the clock against impacts. When required, just slide the battery sleeve on when your phone is running out of power. Keep it attached till you have sufficient power and when you don’t need it, slide the sleeve off for slimmer aesthetics.

The dual feature of Tylt Energi is innovative and unique providing optimal performance.

This case comes with an auto switch off. It will sense your phone’s full battery and switch off to keep back power. It will alert you of the situation through its LED lights when it needs charging.

Price Point

This case is selling at Amazon for $42.99. You can also purchase used cases from $ 39.99.

Colors Available

This case comes in black color. Though it is just one color option for you honestly black cases can never go wrong. Especially if you are looking for something stylish.

A phone case providing protection 24/7 and giving power to your phone when needed is indeed a good deal.