Tech21 Evo Mesh for iPhone 8

The least happening phone for Apple, iPhone 8 isn’t that bad to fall under this tag but it’s actually the untimely release that made it look so. Rolled out of the curtains along with the big brother iPhone 8 Plus and the best in the business iPhone X; iPhone 8 failed to make an impact in the first place. You may not call it the revolution but you can’t discard the refinement it could give you in case you’re following some upgrade cycle from iPhone 7 or the previous iterations.

In contrast to the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 comes with the glass back which makes it more likely to receive the scratches and scuffs. Although, iPhone 8 was said to be backed with the most durable glass back ever at the time of release but still it would be better to use protective cases in order to avoid expensive repairs.

To make sure protection for your iPhone 8, below is our review of one of the best cases in the business:

Tech21 Evo Mesh for iPhone 8 Review


Is it your cup of tea?
If thin and light cases with the topping of stylishness are something that excites you; then this case is made for you. Moreover, if you think this slim and sleek case is going to compromise on your phone’s safety then you need to rethink as it pampers it to the next level with the three-advanced layers that protect it from drop up to 3 meters (10 feet).

The trademark FlexShock material and TPU layers offer the high-end protection without making it look bulky or adding few extra ounces on your phone. It might be eye-pleasing for many as this case with enough protection on offer weighs 60 % less than other similar cases. Same goes for the slim and sleek design that makes it 30% similar to its counterpart cases.


The unique mesh pattern on the back of the case adds all the goodness to your style, whereas the sleekness of this case works as a plus. The sturdy bumper lends the extra grip to your phone with making sure that you don’t drop it that often even if you’re the most carefree person of the planet Earth.

The mesh on the backside of your case gives a subtle look and that’s something very much trendy to the cases.

The three-layer protection hugs your phone and gives all the required protection. When it comes to the durability of this product, it is something meant to last long.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of?
TPU and FlexShock

Value for Money (VFM)
This one is a highly recommended case for your phone falling just at the nominal price of $27. It gives maximum protection to your phone and adds more to your style statement.