Incipio Stashback Case for iPhone 8

The tech giant Apple doesn’t need to promote their phones under the tag of ‘camera phones’ but yet they are right on the money with the excellent results. Starting from the iPhone 3G to the latest iPhone XS, the sound critics are never seen lamenting Apple’s phones because of the cameras. Same goes for the iPhone 8 which has a superb camera on offer at point-and-shoot.

But what Apple lacked for a while was the screen design that went unchanged for several years in a row. The OLED and the edge-to-edge screen were missing for iPhone and that finally witnessed an end in the shape of iconic iPhone X that proved the mettle of Apple in the best way possible.

Talking about the iPhone 8, like every other Apple phone it is delicate and not meant to bear your hectic routine. Moreover, for safeguarding your phone all the untoward situations like drops and scuffs get your cover intact on your phone.


Incipio Stashback Case for iPhone 8 Review

Is it your cup of tea?
If you actually want to rid of that extra-embellishment on your case, initials are written to make you look cool, or the outdated trend of wallet cases in the market; so you’re going through the right review. As the name suggests this case the void on the back, so now you can put your credit cards, travel passes or your cash in it. What’s even better about that case is this stash back option remains very much secret to you as it’s the lip on the back you need to uplift in order to store all that stuff in your phone.

Those who will be looking this case for the first time might not be aware of this subtle opening on the back of your phone, which is handy enough to hold your cards or travel passes with ease.

Apart from streamlining the protective cover and wallet for your phone, this case is simple yet eye-catching in the first glimpse. It comes in various colours plus pampers you with the hinge on the back of your case. The raised lip on the downside part of your phone makes it look trendy but the sole purpose it is deployed there is the ultimate protection for your phone.

Incipio is best known for the high-quality products in the market and same is the story for this stash back case. It secures your phone from the core and gives your phone drop protection up to 7-feet height. If you are curious to know how long this case would be safeguarding your phone; it is something to go on for months’ time or even years depending upon how you using it.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

  1. Berry Pink

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
The $39.99 case assures you the ultimate protection, plus the stash back option helps you storing your ID, credit card and a bit of the cash as well.