Blue Cascade – Team Above Individuals

Success doesn’t come out of thin air and we guys actually knew it, so starting before other’s was our top-notch plan to stand at least a mile ahead of others. It’s actually a throwback to the time when kiddos of our age-group were still limping to their blankets and asking their parents for even the slightest wants. We paved our own path, even least taken by the daredevils; our story wasn’t an overnight success.

Playing out of my comfort zones and making an impact with establishing a company was one of the frequent coming dreams that used to knock me off my bed. But I always used to lift myself up believing that dreams do come true.

The personal endeavors of mine kicked off with trying the hand at ethical hacking, and it took no longer as I became the go-to guy with hacking in my community. The next stop for me was Internet Marketing and with hours me and my laptop alone, things finally changed.

Blue Cascade Employees and Offices

Up the latest, I (Salman Altaf) established a company Blue Cascade along with Farhan Khalid (Co-founder). Just in a years’ time, my hard work paid off as with over 100+ employees I have established 5 offices in Multan and our company is now one of the leading IT plus E-commerce agencies all across Pakistan.

Blue Cascade Clients

What all started from a speck is now grown up as a giant, Blue Cascade is known for its viable products and services that vow to make an impact on the larger scale. With our dozens of services, hundreds of foreign clients, we are making impression on thousands of lives. We feel proud to flaunt that we are the first choice company for many of the bigwig companies and individuals from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and others.

Blue Cascade Services

We get you pampered with all the E-commerce related services at one-stop. Boosted with SEO Team, backed with Development Team, energized with Technical team, and topped with Executive Team we have our head high with rendering dozens of game-changing services. The Digital Marketing and Website Development are what we term as our strong-zones.

Blue Cascade Revenues

As number game has always been there when it is about the success; we are the maestro in that as being one of the most looked out for E-commerce companies in Pakistan we are generating million dollars of revenue monthly.